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Herbal Supplements Name : Habbe Asab Nuqrai


Strengthens nerves and brain. Useful in paralysis, facial paralysis and chorea.


Each 200 mg silver coated pill contains:

Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Darchini) 33.27 mg

Myristica fragrans Nut (Jaiphal) 33.27 mg

Myristica fragrans Aril (Jawitri) 33.27 mg

Paeonia officinalis (Ud Saleeb) 33.27 mg

Strychos Nux-vomica Detoxified (Kuchla Mudabbir) 66.52 mg

INDICATIONS : Depression, lethargy, anxiety, stress, sexual debility, paralysis, facial paralysis and chorea.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : There are no contraindications.

SIDE EFFECTS : There are no known side-effects.

DOSAGE : 1 or 2 pills in the morning and evening with milk.

PRESENTATION : In packs of 20 pills.