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Habbe Amber momeyai

In Canada your products are available .from where get your products

Posted By : Ahmed 22-08-2016

purchasing in karachi

in Karachi Pakistan...can I get ur products from where plz...thanx with regards..

Posted By : m.b.ghumro 27-01-2016

Medicines are Good

Thanks. Your medicine are good. Shopkeeper was praising, but after using i came to know really its good keep it up i wish if i can get chance to learn unani medicine in mumbai part time but i don't know any college here

Posted By : Simarpal Singh Sandhu, Mumbai 21-04-2014

Unani medicine

Innovative way to promote unani medicine and revive its uniqueness. Good job....

Posted By : Ahmed Aslam 12-03-2014

halal gelatin capsule shell...GREAT..

It is good that capsules are used with halal gelatin.. one of the great benefits that none other company can provide to their consumers.. I prescribe Pearl Calcium, P-Nile and many other and have a very good experience with the quality and efficacy.. KEEP IT UP..

Posted By : Dr Burhanuddin Z Kanorewala 04-03-2014

Unani Medicines

The website is just superb where you can look the each and every product wise and disease wise and information including of each and every component which is awesome. The products are really unique which usually people don't know about much. I wish all the best to Dehlvi to initiate something great

Posted By : Alok 04-02-2014

Unani Medicines and Dehlvi

A revolution in Unani system of Medicines by giving them a new shape in capsules and Syrup form....and a very new thing is sugar free syrups n Unani medicines having mind blowing results..I have started prescribing and got excellent results. .

Posted By : Dr Manzoor Shah 17-11-2013

Diab-Eaze & Gurmar

My Glucose Fasting on 29th April was 7.3 MMOL/L. I started taking Diab-Eaze from 23rd May and did my sugar fasting blood test on 18 July and my sugar reading was normal 5.8 MMOL/L (the normal range is from 3.6 - 5.8 ). I would now continue taking diab-eaze n gudmar as per your below suggested dose, as 2 in the mrng and 2 one hour before dinner, also one gudmar before lunch and one after dinner.

Posted By : Theresa, Bahrain 13-08-2013


I am really happy to inform you that I started Prostate-BH Capsules – 2-2 capsule in morning and evening and I stopped contiflow tablet (allopathic) you could not believe the results are excellent.

Posted By : Marwah, Gurgaon 28-06-2013


cap. Asraul 1hs and Abresham pills 1bd use in minimum 30 patients and got 100% results with in 1 day which are use allopathy drugs(like-amlodipin&atenole,amlodipin&losartan) regularly and not respond .just i give you a example for a patient name sayar devi age-50years,b.p.-190/110 treatment taking by allopathy physicion tab.amlokind l(amlodipine&atenol)from 6mont me start abow mentiond medicine &check day and foud 140/90
then give her medicine for 15 days fond b.p.-100/70

Posted By : dr.ramniwas singh gora 14-06-2013

Prompt Supply

I recieved the product today, 2-3 days earlier than expected by me. It was a prompt, quick and wonderful sevice. Thank you DEHLVI NATURALS.

Posted By : Sujit V Jadhav, Solapur 29-04-2013

congrats for touching the hights of unani medicines

Hearty congratulation for maintaining the quality assurance of unani medicine and keeping the touch with globalisation env. May Allah give u all heights of unani world.
Keep it up Mr. Mohsin

Posted By : Dr. Syed Mohammad Salman 11-03-2013


i have used Arq Shahtara in minimum 10 patients of chronic non specific otoria and got 100% results within 3 days.

Posted By : dr.ramniwas singh gora 24-01-2013

promoting unani globaly

You are promoting the unani system of medicine on international level by all efforts with scientificcally acceptabl approach, it must serve as the source of inspiration for all.Keep it up.

Posted By : Dr. Ashaq Munshi 21-01-2013


Your products are really very effective and I appreciate your fruitful effort towards popularising Unani pathy in most modern way.

Posted By : Dr. IDRIS MODI, BHOPAL, M.P 12-08-2012

efficacy of ur products

Ur products have shown good results in various ailments especially Dabidulward Capsules in gynaecological diseases. Keep it up. Looking forward for more efficient products.

Posted By : Dr Aasiy ul Erum 03-08-2012

piaz capsule

dear mohsin bhai,
pls make piaz caps. if possible as made by none till now. it will have a huge demand in market.. also the other capsule stock are not up to mark with stockist. pls make it available.. as i practice alternative medicines i rely on your capsules a lot..
shifa medical, jogeshwari, mumbai.

Posted By : burhanuddin z k 03-07-2012


dear mohsin sir,
since you have done many great things(one of a kind, by launching capsules) which other big banners of unani medicine manufacturers have not done yet. i pray for your success and also waiting for you to launch a complete dietary supplement in the form of nutritional powder.. bye.. allahhafiz..

Posted By : burhanuddin .z. k.(alternative med. practioner), b.a.s.m, d.pharm. shifa medical, jogeshwari, mumbai 01-07-2012

Dehlvi Naturals Webpage

Masha Allah !!!! The webpage and Facebook account of Dehlvi naturals contains all the required information for disease , symptoms and naturals for common people as well as for medical fraternity......May Allah bless the company as well as Janab Mohsin Dehlvi & their entire family.

Posted By : Dr. Salman Rashid 25-05-2012


there is a trust of mine in dehlvi products.its works excellently thats why i love to prescribe dehlvi naturals. Its my great wishes for dehlvi naturals from bottom of my heart.!!

Posted By : Hkm.Imran Khan-Dr.Khan Unani Speciality Clinic,baheri,bareilly. 23-04-2012

cong8 mohsin bhai

I have seen your website first time on faculty of unani medicine group.
Thanx 4 a link,
I cong8 u for your service to humanity.

Posted By : Dr. Abu xaigham khan 21-04-2012


Your website contains information based on latest research in biotechnology and medicine. I appreciate your efforts for better human health through safe natural means and also our traditional knowledge and expertise getting acknowledged. It would be nice to see the relevant products right after the description of disease and disorders. JazakAllah

Posted By : Mohammed Aslam 19-03-2012

Paramount contribution

I pray Allmighty ALLAH for the prosperity and attaining more hights,you must be congratulated for innovative change in Unani Pharmacy.

Posted By : Dr. Shariq Ali Khan 18-03-2012

Dehlvi Naturals

Dehlvi Naturals is doing a quality work. Hope it is maintained and improved further.

Posted By : Prof. Dr. Sharique Zafar, Mumbai 04-02-2012

Dehlvi Naturals

Dehlvi Naturals is doing a commendable job in creating awareness among Unani professionals across the globe. They have really maintained quality of their products and I wish them all the best in future endeavours.

Posted By : Dr Abdul Kabir Dar, Director ISM, J&K 04-02-2012


The products of Dehlvi Naturals are reliable. I prescribe Dehlvi products 4 my pts 4 good result. Plz do yr best 4 d humanity. May Allah accept yr work.
Dr.Hifzur Rahman
Dr. Abdul Ali Tibbiya College & Hospital. Katauli. Malihabad. Lko

Posted By : Dr.Hifzur Rahman, Dr. Abdul Ali Tibbiya College & Hospital, Katauli, Malihabad, Lko 10-01-2012


It took me 30 minutes to search for Dehlvis instant joshanda in the market but got relieved in 10 minutes from sore throat , runny nose and bodyache...,Thank u Dehlvis for such a wonderful product.....

Posted By : Dr Gulzar Bhat, Pulwama, Kashmir 27-12-2011

Informative and Impressive website

First time seen your website and found it quiet informative. You have come up with attracting presentation. Complete therapeutic Index is there.I had worked for more than 7 years for Hamdard and always advocated to go for it. Now for sure, will support you too.

Posted By : Dr Bano Shamshad 19-07-2011

best unani medicines

I appreciate that you have changed the tradition. You must insist on making new medicines like for gastric troubles, acidity, insomnia etc. I like unani medicines of Dehlvi Naturals, like joshanda, Khamira Gaozaban, and Dawaulmisk Motadil Jawaharwali, I would like to say please make azuu-e-khas enlarger capsules also.

Posted By : shahnawaz 28-06-2011

Excellent Medicines

You people have come up with excellent medicines with high levels of efficacy. Hope you guys will come up with new effective innovations in future. All the best Mr Mohsin.

Posted By : Dr Ehtesham Khuroo 15-06-2011

cong & believe in unani medicine

congrats Mohsin bhai and wish u good luck for ur bright future........I also believe in unani medicine if there is no emergency.......

Posted By : Farha Khan 21-05-2011


Your Majun Aqrab's result is too fast. Rocks with Sharbat Aaloo Baloo, result is so fast.

Posted By : Dr. Aadam 26-04-2011


Your joshanda rocks!

Posted By : Dr.Amina Ather 16-04-2011


Your medicines Safuf Bars and Neem Capsules are very effective against Vitiligo.

Posted By : V.D. Vaidya 17-03-2011


Website is Adventurous and Amazing site with complete and well organized information displayed.
Keep it up.. the GOOD WORK

Posted By : Dr Saifulla Khalid Adamji 15-03-2011

excellent products

you guys make excellent products and truly servicing humanity.From sharbats to mediines for common ailments,everything i have tried has given me full satisfaction,may god bless you and give you all happiness.

Posted By : siddharth 24-02-2011

Blister Pack

A number of products like prostate-bh, pylčena, etc are result oriented but they should come in strips not in vials bacause of inconvenience to patients.

Posted By : Dr Gulzar Bhat, Kashmir 14-02-2011

Great work and superb way of giving information about products with deep body disorders information.

The information and detail provided here at this website is really amazing and i must say golden words for general people or new practitioners from every section of society, each and every point defined in a perfect manner.
Today i have visited first time on this website and am impressed when i
started reading the topics and also getting the medicine details on the same page in a single click, the way it is defined i had never seen any other website design in this beautiful way with great informations. whatever question/doubt i had in my mind is now cleared. Thanks for providing all these valuable information and please keep updating and adding new things.


Warm regards
Mehboob Alam

Posted By : Mehboob Alam 13-02-2011

Website Articles

Dehlvi Naturals Website contains very organised collection of unani literature & classical unani formulations.....Appreciable

Posted By : Dr.Salman Rashid 08-01-2011


I really appreciate your range of diverse and innovative products, which are an excellent option for those whom Allopathic medicines are not tolerated or have not worked. Your website is also amazing which is very informative, user freindly and easy to navigate.

Posted By : Ibaad, Kuwait 07-01-2011

Supply medication in Middle East countries

I like to recommend you to check in detail the opportunity to supply medication in Middle East countries

Posted By : Dr. Shabeer Ahamed Roy 18-12-2010

Younis Munshi

I have tried you Prostate-BH it proved really excellent. Cant we name it in Unani.

Posted By : Dr Younis Munshi, Srinagar 07-12-2010


Time demands a change, Those who don,t change for better are lost in present and become past. So we should change for a better tomorrow for herbal medicines especially UNANI. It is necessary to change the presentation of our traditional medicines in to a acceptable one, Propagate to common masses so that they develop a firm belief on system, to upgrade the knowledge of respective physicians and come out with a quality product..... Surely future will be ours

Posted By : Dr Syed Tasaduq Geelani, Kashmir 03-12-2010


i have asked the students to get info on single drugs from your link ,i think they do not have to rely on any tom dick or harry ....

Posted By : Dr Amina Ather, Bangalore 03-12-2010


I m sure u will forward yr Family's name & tradition , far & wide, over the world., under the banner Dehlvi Naturals.

Posted By : Afzal Ali Shah, Lucknow 27-10-2010


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for SkinClear Capsules that you sent. Almost 85% of my problems are gone..Alhamdulillah. Break outs are comparatively less now and the previous scars have also diminished a lot. Now I just have to take care of the brown spots and open pores.

Thank you so much once again for helping me when I most needed it, God Bless you both and may He give you heights of success...Aameen

Posted By : Ms S. Hameed 21-10-2010


I pray Dehlvi Naturals to attain heights which will be unimaginable for all the competitors. With Mohsin sb as the pioneer it is possible without question.

Posted By : Dr Wahid ul Hassan 17-10-2010


We should thank u for the tremendous work u r doing......I really adore u and may Allah help u in all ur future endeavors.

Posted By : Dr Wahid Ul Hassan, Kashmir 01-10-2010

Well Done

May Almighty bless u mohsin bhai. U and ur organisation is really giving a new life to UNANI system....

Posted By : Dr Syed Tasaduq Geelani, Srinagar 01-10-2010



Posted By : Dr Altaf Hussain, Pulwama 30-09-2010


Good going. Keep it up. Let this be the Dehlvi Internationals now..

Posted By : Dr Younis Munshi, Srinagar 30-09-2010


Wishing you all sucess in your venture to Malaysia.

Posted By : Dr Roohi Zaman, Bangalore 30-09-2010


Congrats Mohsin Bhai!

Posted By : Dr Mohammad Aslam Khan, Mumbai 30-09-2010


Congrats and wish u good luck for ur future.

Posted By : Dr Irfan Banday, Kashmir 30-09-2010


Congrts Mr Mohsin..

Posted By : Dr Aftab Alam, Banda 30-09-2010


Interesting..never got a chance to visit ur booth as we were busy preparing for our conference paper....looks really good..but i wish u all the best in all ur future undertakings and u achieve success till the end:-))

Posted By : Dr Harpreet K Gill, Malaysia 30-09-2010

keep it up

Keep it up Dehlvi Naturals. Our prayers are with u.

Posted By : Dr Wahid Ul Hassan, Kashmir 30-09-2010

Nothing like Dehlvis

Congrats for keeping "flag" high everywhere, "bravo" for meet in "Malaysia" could be only mohsin sahib, to meet international standards....

Posted By : Dr Rewari Rakesh 29-09-2010


Very informative website.

Posted By : Dr Ismaeel Khan, New Delhi 27-08-2010


Your herbal products are very effective. I give the advice to my patients to use them.

Posted By : Dr Mozzam Rasheed, Saharanpur 15-07-2010


Alhamdulillah 'Dehlvi Products" are very effective & I advice my patients to purchase all my prescriptions from this company.

It's gr8 ...........u r making availability of unani medicine globally...

Posted By : Dr Salman Rashid, Luknow 15-07-2010


Positive approach towards mordernisation.

Posted By : Dr Suleman Khan, Mumbai 14-07-2010


Keep up the good work that your Grand-Father started.

Posted By : Hakim Anwar Ahmed, Delhi (Physician to the Ex-President of India) 10-07-2010

Your Medicines..

Ur medicine are good quality keep it up....

Posted By : Dr. Syed S. Anisuddin, Krishnagiri 09-07-2010

Unani Capsules

Unani Capsule range is very innovative. Need of the hour. Keep it up.

Posted By : Hakim Ajmal Khan, Mumbai 08-07-2010
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