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Ingredient Name : Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume.

Arabic Name : Dar Seenee, Qirfa

Bengali Name : Dalchini, Daruchini

Chinese Name : Jou kuei, Gui zhi

English Name : Cinnamon Bark

French Name : Cannelle

German Name : Ceylon-Zimt, Kaneelbaum

Gujarati Name : Dalchini

Hindi Name : Dalchini, Daruchini, Darchini

Kannada Name : Dalchini

Kashmiri Name : Dalchini, Dalchin

Latin name : Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume.

Marathi Name : Dalchini

Persian Name : Darchini

Punjabi Name : Dalchini, Darchini

Sanskrit Name : Tvak, Bhringa

Urdu Name : Darchini

Recommended Dosage: Bark : 375 mg to 2 g powder; Oil : 1 to 3 drops. For external application only.

Contraindication: If pregnant or breast-feeding do not consume more cinnamon than is normally present in food. Men with prostate problems, diabetics and those taking blood thinners should consult a health care provider before using this herb. This product is not recommended if you have a tendency toward excessive menstrual bleeding. Taking this herb and antibiotics together may make the antibiotic not work for you. Increased heart rate (pulse), feeling dizzy, shortness of breath and redness of the face may occur if you take too much Cinnamon. Undiluted essential oil in their purest state is extremely potent, and should be blended with a carrier oil or other medium prior to use directly on the skin, as the essential oil may cause irritation.