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Ingredient Name : Valeriana wallichii DC

Arabic Name : Asaaroon

Bengali Name : Asaroon, Tagar Paduka, Asaroon, Mushkbala, Shumeo

English Name : Indian Valerian

German Name : Indischer Baldrian

Gujarati Name : Tagar Ganthoda

Hindi Name : Tagar, Sugandh Bala, Mushkbala, Bala Tagra

Kannada Name : Mandibattal, Mandyavanthu, Mandibattalu, Tagar

Kashmiri Name : Bala, Mushkbala, Chhalgudi

Latin name : Valeriana wallichii DC

Marathi Name : Tagar Ganthoda, Tagarmool

Persian Name : Shanadar

Punjabi Name : Muskwali, Balmudak

Sanskrit Name : Tagara, Tagaraka, Nata, Chakra

Urdu Name : Asaroon

Recommended Dosage: 2 to 5 g powder of dried rhizome.

Contraindication: This herb is not recommended for children, pregnant, or nursing women, or those who suffer from low blood pressure or hypoglycemia. This herb should not be combined with alcohol or with other sleep-inducing medications. Because it is a sedative, one should never drive or operate machinery when using Valerian. It is advisable to stop taking Valerian after two or three weeks and then restart; uninterrupted usage is not recommended. Avoid large doses (many times the recommended amount), and if headaches or heart palpitations occur, its use should be discontinued. The herb is not recommended for those taking prescription medications, particularly liver medications, unless a physician is first consulted. Valerian should be stopped about one week before surgery because it may interact with anesthesia.