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Ingredient Name : Hyoscyamus niger Linn.

Arabic Name : Banj Aswad, Shawkaraan, Khuraasaanee Ajwa�een

Bengali Name : Korasani Ajowan

Chinese Name : Tian xian zi

English Name : Henbane, Black Henbane, Stinking Nightshade, Devil�s Eye, Henbell

French Name : Jusquiame noire

German Name : Bilsenkraut, Dullkraut, Rasenwurz, Saukraut, Teufelswurz, Tollkraut, Zigeunerkraut

Gujarati Name : Khurasani Ajmo

Hindi Name : Khurasani Ajwain, Khursana

Kannada Name : Khurasanee Ajawaana

Kashmiri Name : Bazar-bhang

Latin name : Hyoscyamus niger Linn.

Marathi Name : Khurasanee Ova

Persian Name : Bang, Bangdiwana, Danj

Punjabi Name : Khurasanee Ajvain

Sanskrit Name : Parasikava, Yavni

Urdu Name : Ajwain Khurasani, Bazrulbanj

Recommended Dosage: 200 mg to 400 mg powder of dried seeds.

Contraindication: Possible side effects are dryness of mouth, disturbance of optic conditions, tachycardia and difficulty in urination.


The seeds have acrid, anaesthetic, anodyne, anthelmintic, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, bitter, digestive, mild diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, hypnotic, intoxicating , mydriatic, narcotic, sedative, stimulant and thermogenic properties. It is principally employed as a sedative in nervous affections and irritable conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough, and is substituted for opium in cases where the later is inadmissible. It is also used to counteract the griping action of purgatives and to relieve spasms of the gastrointestinal tract. Also useful in premature ejaculation and sexual debility. It is also recommended for insomnia, catarrh, heavy menstrual bleeding, gout and as a general pain reliever and is specifically used for pain affecting the urinary tract, especially when due to kidney stones. It also relieves pain in cystitis. Its sedative and antispasmodic effect makes it a valuable treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson�s disease, relieving tremor and rigidity during the early stages of the disease.