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Ingredient Name : Black Salt

Arabic Name : Milh Aswad

Bengali Name : Sachli Lavan

Chinese Name : Hei yan

English Name : Black Salt, Sanchal Salt

French Name : Sel noir

German Name : Schwarzsalz, Schwarzes Salz, Indisches Salz

Hindi Name : Kala Namak

Latin name : Black Salt

Marathi Name : Kalamith

Persian Name : Namak Siah

Punjabi Name : Sunchal Namak

Sanskrit Name : Krishna Lavana, Sanchal

Urdu Name : Namak Siah, Kala Namak, Sunchar Namak

Recommended Dosage: 1 to 4 g.

Contraindication: This mineral is contraindicated in patients suffering from water retention.


Black Salt is a pure mineral salt that is not really black at all but rather a burgundy-pink. These colors come from the presence of trace minerals and iron. It recommended for people with high blood pressure and to people who are on low-salt diets, because it is lower in sodium and supposedly does not increase sodium content in the blood. It is also know for comforting intestinal gas and heartburn. It is believed to help with indigestion and softens the bowels. Black Salt is traditionally considered the healthiest form of salt in ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine uses this salt as a laxative and a digestive. It is also considered an appetiser. It gets the salivary and digestive juices flowing. Also useful in flatulence, colic, heartburn, indigestion, bowel complaints, etc.