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Ingredient Name : Bauhinia variegata Blume

Bengali Name : Kanchan, Rakta Kanchana

English Name : Orchid Tree, Mountain Ebony, St. Thomas' Tree, Variegated Orchid Tree

French Name : Arbre De Saint-Thomas

German Name : Buntfarbene Bauhinie

Gujarati Name : Champakati, Kanchnar, Kachnar

Hindi Name : Kanchnar, Kachnar, Kachnal

Kannada Name : Keyumandar, Kanchavala

Kashmiri Name : Kalad

Latin name : Bauhinia variegata Blume

Marathi Name : Kanchana, Raktakancana, Koral

Punjabi Name : Kachnal, Kulad

Sanskrit Name : Kanchanara, Kovidara

Urdu Name : Post Kachnal

Recommended Dosage: 4 to 8 g powder of dried stem-bark.

Contraindication: This herb has no contraindications.


The bark is acrid, alterative, anthelmintic, antiinflammatory, astringent, cooling, constipating, depurative, styptic and tonic. The juice of the bark is used in the treatment of amoebic dysentery, diarrhoea and other stomach disorders. A paste of the bark is useful in the treatment of cuts and wounds, skin diseases, scrofula and ulcers. Also useful in intestinal worms, haemorrhoids, haemoptysis, obesity, cough, menorrhagia and diabetes.