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Herbal Supplements Name : Dehlvi Phosphorus Oil


Provides symptomatic relief in backache, tennis/golfers' elbow, frozen shoulder, sprains, sciatica, polio in children, muscular pains, muscular cramps, muscles under stress and strain, swelling and stiffness of joints and other musculoskeletal affections.


Each 10 ml. contains:

Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain) 100 mg

Piper longum (Pipal) 100 mg

Anthemis nobilis (Babuna) 100 mg

Phosphorus Yellow (Johar Ustkhwan) 100 mg.

Colchicum luteum (Suranjan Kadwa) 100 mg.

Calotropis gigantea (Madar) 200 mg.

Strychnos Nux-vomica Detoxicated (Kuchla) 200 mg.

Allium sativum (Lehsun) 200 mg.

Myrtus caryophyllus (Laung) 200 mg.

Ricinus communis (Arandi) 200 mg.

Celastrus paniculatus (Malkangani) 200 mg.

Saussurea lappa (Kut) 200 mg.

Zingiber officinale (Sonth) 200 mg.

Bees Wax Yellow (Mom) 200 mg.

Brassica juncea Oil (Sarson Ka Tel) q.s.

Backache, cervical spondylitis, fibrositis, frozen shoulder, gonalgia, gout, lumbago, muscular rheumatism, muscular cramps and pains, myalgia, myositis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, tennis/golfers' elbow, sciatica, sports injuries, sprains and tendinitis.
Apply a small quantity of the oil with cotton on the affected part and rub gently till absorbed. Repeat the process two or three times a day. Sensation of warmth and emission of fumes which glow in the dark are due to the presence of Phosphorus in the oil.
In packs of 30 ml. and 60 ml.